ENGL 1213H - Composition II

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Term: Year Long 2018   Section: 607   Instructor(s): Hillary Coenen

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Admission to OSU is not required for enrollment and courses can be started at any time during the year, with 12 months to complete. Students can enroll by calling the office (405-744-6390) or by visiting our website at ce website and downloading an enrollment form and either faxing (405-744-6390) or mailing the form (309 Wes Watkins Center, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater OK 74078-4061. Accepted payment forms include: Visa/MasterCard debit/credit or personal check/money orders/cashiers check.

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Prerequisite: ENGL 1113 (Composition I) or ENGL 1123 (International Freshman Composition I) or ENGL 1313 (Critical Analysis and Writing I) or equivalent, typewriter or computer with printer required

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Tuition and Fee Refunds: When you drop a course, the following charges are refundable based upon the time elapsed since the date you enrolled: 1) 0-30 days--100% of tuition, connectivity fee, and records maintenance fee minus the cost of any grading; 2) 31-45 days--50% of tuition, connectivity fee, and records maintenance fee minus the cost of any grading; 3) more than 45 days--0%


1) Working with Ideas: Writing and Researching Experience, Dunbar-Odom, 1st ed., Houghton Mifflin, ISBN: 0395881544; 2) A Pocket Style Manual, Hacker, 5th ed., 2008, Bedford/St. Martin, ISBN: 9780312452759; 3) Writing from Sources, Spatt, 7th ed., 2007, Bedford/St. Martin, ISBN: 9780312437978; 4) Course Guide, Oklahoma State University

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If you live in the Stillwater area, exams are taken at the CE Office in 309 Wes Watkins Center; you do not need to submit a Request for Exam form when taking the exam in the office. Verify that the office will be open the day you plan to take an exam and allow time to complete an exam before the office closes. Students living away from the Stillwater area may request proctored exams (refer to your course guide for exam request instructions). Proctored exam requests must be in writing (mail, e-mail, or fax), and proctors must be approved by the Correspondence Education testing supervisor. For security reasons, exams are not faxed or e-mailed.