GEOL 3043 Geology of the National Parks - Fall 2016

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Description :

The geologic characteristics of national parks and scenic regions in North American and throughout the world.

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OSU students enroll through Self Service. Non-OSU students must first apply for admission.

Required Forms:

A proctor agreement form is required. You will need to complete a Proctor Agreement Form before an exam is distributed. All proctor forms are verified. A list of proctor qualifications is listed at http://asoutreach.okstate.edu/students/online/faqs

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Refer to the Drop/Add dates on The Registrar s website If you need to drop a course, contact your advisor first.


Students MUST log in on or before the 1st day of class, or on the first day they have access to the class if it has already started. Access the course through Online Classroom.


Geology of National Parks by Harris, Tuttle, Tuttle, 6th edition, 2004, publisher-Kendall/Hunt, ISBN# 9780787299712

Exam Information:

Three exams require a proctor. For exam dates, please refer to course syllabus. If the on-campus exam (no charge)times are not compatible with your schedule you can test at a testing center. Exam dates - September 14 from 7-8pm located at 108 NRC, October 24 from 7-8pm located at 108 NRC. Final-TBA