Policies and Procedures

General Information

Privacy Policy

If you are concerned about your privacy please read our Privacy Policy.

Academic Integrity

Oklahoma State University is committed to the maintenance of the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct of its members. This level of ethical behavior and integrity will be maintained in its courses. Participating in a behavior that violates academic integrity (e.g., unauthorized collaboration on homework or assignments, plagiarism, multiple submissions of the same assignment, cheating on examinations, fabricating information, helping another person cheat, having unauthorized advance access to examinations, altering or destroying the work of others, and fraudulently altering academic records) will result in your being sanctioned. Violations may subject you to disciplinary action including the following: completing a substitute examination, quiz, or assignment; receiving a failing grade on an assignment, examination, or course; receiving a notation of a violation of academic integrity on your transcript ("F!"); and being suspended from the University. You have the right to appeal the charge.

Office of Academic Affairs
101 Whitehurst
(405) 744-5627, or go to
OSU Academic Integrity.

Admission and Enrollment

The Correspondence Education (CE) Office offers two enrollment options by which you may take courses:
  1. Yearlong Open Enrollment

    Admission to the University is not required for enrollment in yearlong courses and they can be started at any time during the year, with 12 months to complete. Conversely, enrollment in these undergraduate-level courses does not constitute admission to OSU. Therefore, academic credit will not be applicable toward a degree or toward graduation at OSU until you have been formally admitted to OSU and have secured the approval of the appropriate academic officer for such credit. Up to one-fourth of the required hours for an OSU degree may be taken through the CE Office.

  2. Semester-Based Enrollment

    Students must be admitted to OSU and enroll through regular campus registration to take semester-based courses. Semester-based courses offered by the CE Office are resident credit and are treated the same as any other on-campus courses insofar as financial aid, enrollment, and drop/withdrawal date periods. Courses must be completed within the semester enrolled. Call the CE Office to see what courses are currently offered in the semester-based format, or go to http://ocampus.okstate.edu/.

All course guides are purchased through the CE Office. Assignments and exams are coordinated through the CE Office. The proper texts can be purchased elsewhere.

Completion Time (top)

  • Yearlong Open Enrollment

    You have one year from your registration to complete a yearlong course. Your official completion date is the day the final exam is taken or the last assignment has been submitted—whichever comes last. If you have not completed the course within one year of your enrollment and no extension is obtained (see below), your enrollment is canceled and no academic report is made, nor refunds given.

  • Semester-Based Courses

    Students must complete semester-based courses during one OSU campus semester, usually consisting of 16 weeks during the fall and spring and eight weeks during the summer. If not completed or dropped during the drop/add period, students will receive an F for the course. Semester-based courses must be completed by the designated deadline for that course.

Contacting Your Instructor (top)

As you complete your writing assignments and exams, you may have questions about the course content or procedure. If the CE staff cannot answer your questions, contact your instructor. If you have a question regarding contacting an instructor, call CE. Most of the instructors for CE courses are professional educators, working on campus in full-time positions. Please respect arrangements for contacting them.

Credit (top)

  • OSU College Credit

    Credit is awarded for the semester in which the course work is completed. College credits are based on semester credit hours. After the instructor has assigned the final course grade, the grade is forwarded to the Registrar for posting on an official Oklahoma State University transcript. Credit earned through the CE Office may be applied toward a degree at another university. Check with your advisor at your university to verify their policies governing the acceptance of credit earned from the CE Office at Oklahoma State University before enrolling.

Yearlong courses are not considered residence credit at OSU. Therefore, credit hours for yearlong courses are not included in semester credit hours. Consider this if you need to maintain a certain number of credit hours for financial aid or full-time status.

  • Continuing Education Credit

    After successfully completing the work in a continuing education course, you will receive a certificate of completion from the CE Office at OSU showing the number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) you have earned. The CE Office keeps a permanent record of CEUs earned in this manner. Upon request, college credit courses may be taken for continuing education credit rather than for college credit, but not for both. You may not change the credit to be awarded after starting the course.

Disclaimer (top)

The CE Office reserves the right to change course instructors, revise courses and change textbooks, discontinue courses, and adjust costs as circumstances warrant and without notice. For the latest information, call the CE Office at (405) 744-6390.

Extensions (top)

f you are unable to complete a yearlong course within the allotted 12-month time period, you may be able to purchase a non-refundable one-, two-, or three-month extension, depending on course availability. The extension begins the day after your 12 months expire. To apply for an extension, contact the CE Office (405) 744-6390.Extensions do not apply to semester-based courses offered by the CE Office.

Grades (top)

In both yearlong and semester-based courses, the course guide describes the grading criteria for your particular course. Your final grade will be recorded after you complete all assignments and exams or the final project. After completion of the course, your instructor will calculate a final grade. The CE Office will notify you of that grade through a letter by U.S. mail. No yearlong final grade will be recorded if all course requirements are not completed within the allotted enrollment period.

  • Confidentiality and Grades

    The CE Office at OSU respects the privacy of students. No grade information will be disclosed by telephone or email. Students requesting information in person at the CE Office must present photo identification.


If dropping a course and reenrolling at a later date, all assignments/exams must be resubmitted

Temporarily/Permanently Closed Courses (top)

It may be necessary to close a certain course temporarily or permanently. Tuition and material fees received for unavailable courses will be refunded in full, or, if requested, transferred to another course of equal value.

Transcripts (top)

Earned college credit is recorded on an official OSU transcript. Admitted students can request transcript copies at:

Oklahoma State University
Registrar: Transcripts Section
322 Student Union
Stillwater, OK 74078
(405) 744-8426

Or log into the Student Information System (SIS) and select Student Records—Official Transcript Request.

Financial Information

Financial Aid (top)

Financial aid is not available through the CE Office. Contact your institution’s financial aid office for pertinent information.

Materials (top)

All print-based courses require purchasing a CE course guide from CE. Other materials that may be required for courses in any format may include textbooks, handbooks, workbooks, CD-ROMs, DVDs, material packets, and/or lab kits. Internet/Web courses require basic computer access. Full payment for materials is required at enrollment. Submit all payments by personal check, cashier’s check, or international postal money order payable (in U.S. dollars) to Oklahoma State University, or you may charge your Visa/MasterCard. We charge $25 for each returned check.

We cannot repurchase course guides, handbooks, workbooks, texts, www access, CD-ROMs, DVDs, materials packets, or lab kits. The CE Office cannot sell materials to non CE students.

Materials Shipping and Handling Charges

Within the continental US, course materials are sent first class mail by United Parcel Service (UPS) at current prices (call (405) 744-6390 for those). Any additional charges will be billed when materials are sent. A signature will be required at delivery.

  • Materials sent to APO and FPO mailing addresses will be shipped by United States Postal Service (UPS) at current prices (call (405) 744-6390 for those).
  • Incorrect address or returned package charges will be billed to the student.
  • For express delivery in the U.S., contact CE for pricing.
  • Materials mailed outside the continental U.S. have a special shipping charge of $55 for each course. (There may be additional fees for the return mailing of all assignments and exams.)
  • Students in a foreign country must wait 90 days before requesting a duplicate shipment, even if the original shipment was sent by airmail.
  • Materials lost in shipping are replaced at no cost after the appropriate waiting period.
  • Duplicate shipments are delivered by the same method as the original shipment unless the CE Office is specifically directed to ship by some other method.

Overpayment Refunds (top)

Overpayments in excess of $3 are refunded.

Resubmitting Assignments (top)

We encourage you to do your best work on all assignments submitted for grading. Occasionally, instructors will ask you to redo an assignment. A regrading fee of $15 is required at the time of resubmission.

Transfers (top)

Within 30 days of enrollment, you may transfer your enrollment from one course to another by paying a $25 transfer fee plus the cost of grading on any previously submitted assignments, the cost difference in course guides (first course guide must be returned in person or at student’s expense in "like-new" condition), and shipping charges. Tuition cannot be transferred from one student to another. Transfers do not apply to CE semester-based courses.

Tuition and Fees (top)

For current CE tuition and fees information, e-mail ics-inf@okstate.edu, visit http://ce.okstate.edu, or call (405) 744-6390 for the latest information.

  • Tuition Refunds for Semester-Based Courses

    When you withdraw from, or drop, a semester-based course, your refund will be in keeping with OSU policy and will be processed by the Bursar’s Office after you have completed the necessary steps as outlined in the OSU schedule of classes. No refunds are given on shipping.

  • Tuition Refunds for Yearlong Enrollments

    When you withdraw from or drop a yearlong course, your refund is based upon the time elapsed since the date of your enrollment. The refund process requires 4 – 6 weeks. No refunds are given on course extensions, course guides, administrative fees, or shipping. Additionally, the type of refund you receive is dependent on how you paid for the enrollment.

    Refund Table
    Refund Within Refund Amount
    0 – 30 days 100% of tuition minus the cost of any grading
    31 – 45 days 50% of tuition minus the cost of any grading
    46+ days No refund

Course Procedures

Examinations (top)

Examinations or equivalent projects are required for all courses and comprise a substantial part of the final grade. The number of examinations for each course is stated in the course description. It is a requirement for some courses and recommended for all other courses that all pertinent writing assignments are submitted and returned before an exam can be taken in the office or sent to your approved proctor. You are notified of exam grades, but no exams are returned to you. You may review your graded examinations in the CE Office. You do not need an appointment. Come to the office during business hours, making sure you allow enough time to complete your exam before the office closes. Photo identification, such as a driver’s license or student ID, is required.

  • On-Campus Students

    If you are an OSU student or live in the Stillwater area, we require that you take your examinations in the CE Office. Come to the office during business hours, making sure you allow enough time to complete your exam before the office closes. Photo identification, such as a driver’s license or student ID, is required.

  • Off-Campus Students

    To take your examinations at locations other than the Oklahoma State University main campus located in Stillwater, you must secure permission from the individual who will proctor your exam before requesting the exam (see Approved Exam Proctors below). Exam requests are included in each course guide. Exams are sent to proctors by mail only; allow 2 – 3 weeks for delivery. When you have completed the exam, your proctor will send it back to our office. Exams cannot be faxed or sent by email. If there is a doubt about the originality of a student’s work, CE reserves the right to require the student to come to the CE Office to take any exam.

You may also request exams by mail, fax at (405) 744-3420, or e-mail to ics-stu@okstate.edu. Include all required information, including the name of a proposed exam proctor, so that proctor can be approved by CE.

  • Approved Exam Proctors

    Students must take examinations under the supervision of an approved proctor, who must certify that the exam was completed without the assistance of books, notes, or any other outside help unless otherwise stated on the exam. Exams must be administered and proctored by the following who will require a picture ID:

    • Company Education Coordinator;
    • Qualified person at another university or college, such as a Dean or Registrar; or Testing Center and Independent Study Office personnel;
    • High School Principal, Superintendent, or Counselor;
    • Full-time school or public librarian, embassy official, or hospital education directors;
    • County Extension Agent;
    • Military Education Officer; or
    • Personnel/Human Resource Manager.
Your proctor cannot be a relative of yours.
Contact the CE testing, (405) 744-6390, for more details.

Materials (top)

Course materials vary within individual courses. All courses, with the exception of some Internet/web courses, require the purchase of a CE course guide. Other materials may include textbooks, handbooks, workbooks, CD-ROMs, DVDs, material packets, or lab kits. The cost of new course materials is given on the update sheet, or CE website. Full payment for materials is required at enrollment. Prices listed for materials may change without notice. Check the most recent update sheet, or website, or call the office for current information before sending a check, money order, or cashier’s check. We cannot sell course materials to persons not enrolled in our course(s).

  • Textbooks

    When enrolling in a course, the appropriate textbook(s) may be included in the course materials, if stocked by the CE Office. If used texts are available and requested, the materials cost will be adjusted accordingly. If you already have the correct edition of a required textbook, or care to purchase it elsewhere, you may do so. Not all CE courses have the same text as their on-campus counterpart. Regardless of where you purchase your texts, all students must purchase the course guide through Correspondence Education.

  • Course guides

    Each CE course has been specifically designed for use by students who are studying independently. The course guide serves as a road map where courses are divided into lessons. A typical lesson includes learning objectives, an introduction or a discussion, a reading assignment, study activities, and a writing assignment that is submitted to the course instructor through the CE Office for grading.

  • Audio Supplements

    Some courses still require accompanying instructional or conversational CDs. Instructional CDs provide directions on completing text exercises and/or answers to those text exercises, while conversational CDs supply pronunciation and controlled practice as well as listening comprehension and writing skills. According to your particular course guide, blank CDs may be purchased from CE or from any discount store. It will normally be returned to you.

  • CD-ROMs/DVDs

    CD-ROMs and DVDs provide a rich, expanded multi-media environment that supplements and enhances traditional materials. Students can receive educational opportunities on their own computers, on demand any time, and at their own pace. These CD-ROMs and DVDs often come shrink-wrapped with textbooks.

  • OSU Desire to Learn (D2L)

    If courses have a D2L computer component, you will be given access instructions at the time of enrollment.

Meeting Deadlines (top)

For semester based courses, all assignments and exams must be completed by the last day of the semester. The final grade should normally be available in two weeks.

In general, you should realize that staff and instructors are often busier at the end of semesters and are not always immediately available during other university breaks, holidays, and summer sessions. You should not expect prompt grading if assignments and exams are not submitted in ample time to be evaluated. Refer to the Guidelines Sheet given to you at the time of enrollment for specific dates.

We advise those graduating OSU seniors who enroll in yearlong courses to complete their work at least four weeks before graduation. They should also check with the Registrar’s office to make sure a current diploma application is on file. See university Academic Regulations, Section 7, in the OSU Catalog, for complete information.

Writing Assignments (top)

Instructors are allowed two weeks from receipt at CE for grading, so please give three weeks for the return of your graded assignments. Be sure to make a copy of your writing assignment before submitting to CE. To receive the maximum educational benefit from your course, we recommend that you submit the first assignment by itself. Once the first graded assignment is returned to you, you may then submit up to three assignments in seven days, although a few courses require you to submit one assignment at a time. (Check your course guide for individual, specific course requirements.)

All assignments submitted as hard copy requiring the detachable writing assignment cover sheet from the course guide must:
  • Have the cover sheet as the top page with your complete name.
  • Be folded in thirds and placed in an envelope.
  • Have the course ID number and assignment number(s) in the bottom left corner of the envelope (if using an envelope).
  • In Person Submission

    You may bring your assignments to the CE Office (309 Wes Watkins Center) in person and place them in the designated area or in the white CE drop box located on the north side of the Wes Watkins Center outside the back door.

  • Fax Submission

    You may fax your assignments to CE if you have made arrangements in advance. Please include the assignment cover sheet and number the pages. Faxed assignments should be typed or in black ink (if submitting tables, graphs, or graphics, clear readable copies must be used). If the instructor or office staff cannot easily read the materials, they will be returned ungraded. Your name and the course number should be on each faxed page. The CE fax number is (405) 744-3420.

  • Mail Submission

    CE pays returned graded assignment postage to addresses within the continental United States and to APO and FPO addresses. You will be billed the amount for any costs in excess of the general shipping charges described under the "Financial Information." All assignments must have the cover sheet from the course guide as the top page and be submitted in an envelope and:

    • Have your complete name and return address in the upper left corner.
    • Have the course ID number and assignment number(s) in the bottom left corner.
    • Be folded in thirds and placed in the envelope. More information is given in detail in the course guide. See the example below.
    • Be weighed so that the proper postage can be affixed. The U.S. Postal Service will not deliver mail that has postage due.
    HEAVENLY CA 10317

    STILLWATER OK 74078-4061

    COURSE NUMBER (ie, POLS 3613A)

  • Email Submission

    Contact the CE Office by phone (405) 744-6390 or email ics-stu@okstate.edu to find out if your course accepts assignments via email, as not all courses do. Be sure to keep a copy of your assignment. Students are responsible for their own email service.

    • E-mailing Assignments: In the subject line, type your name, the course prefix, the course number, and the writing assignment number. On the top line of your message, type your name and on the second line, your e-mail address. If you are typing your assignment in the body of your e-mail message, number each question clearly and leave two blank lines (two returns) between each answer. If you are sending assignments as attached files, list the name and type of each file in the body of your e-mail message.
    • Attached Files: You may be able to draft your assignments using your computer’s word processing capability and attach these files to your e-mail message. Such files should be saved as Word documents unless other types of files have been approved. If graphics files are permitted, please keep them as files separate from the text files. (Be sure to always include in the body of the e-mail message your name, e-mail address, and a list of any file names and types attached.) Include your name, course prefix and number, and assignment number in the body of any other files when possible.

University Services

Employee Tuition Assistance Plan (top)

If your employer participates in an employee assistance plan, please include with your enrollment application a letter printed on company letterhead detailing what they will pay. Their letter should include the following information: your name and Social Security number, the company name, the course name and number, the amount of tuition they will pay, the amount applied toward course materials, and an address for us to send an invoice. Billed amounts are payable upon receipt of invoice. Sending the application form without this paperwork will delay your enrollment in the course. We do not accept faxed or copied letters for payment.

Military Personnel (top)

  • Veterans

    All college credit courses listed in this catalog are approved for veterans and other eligible persons covered in the provisions of the G.I. Bill. Under the terms of this approval, these courses are considered independent study courses for the Veterans’ Administration (VA) purposes. For full details on benefits, contact your local VA office or:

    Veterans’ Liaison Office
    322 Student Union
    Stillwater, OK 74078
    (405) 744-6868

    Unique continuing education opportunities are offered to active military personnel through the CE Office. OSU is a regionally accredited institution offering collegiate home-study courses through Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES). Several categories of military assistance are available under DANTES. Each branch of the service maintains its own payment policy. Contact your education officer or nearest Military Education Center concerning individual veteran or tuition-supported enrollments. Course and registration listings are found in the DANTES Independent Study Catalog.

Students with Disabilities (top)

Students with disabilities should call or write the CE Office before enrolling to ensure that any special needs can be met. Although all students are subject to established academic requirements, CE staff will make a reasonable effort to accommodate students with disabilities.

Vocational Rehabilitation (top)

If vocational rehabilitation will financially assist you, please include with your enrollment application a letter printed on their letterhead detailing what they will pay. Their letter should include the following information: your name and Social Security number, the course name and number, the amount of tuition they will pay, the amount applied toward course materials, and an address for us to send an invoice. Sending the application form without this paperwork will delay your enrollment in the course. We do not accept faxed or copied letters for payment.